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Being your best isn’t just about taking care of your body; it’s about taking care of your mind and mental health.
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Learn ways to handle stress, anxiety, or whatever else comes up. Find the resources you need to keep your mental health a priority.

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Keep a routine that involves self-care
Burnout ,
Sadness ,
Chronic health issues & disabilities ,
Workplace issues & unemployment ,
Relationship issues & breakups
Sticking to a daily routine that includes self care can help things feel more stable and prevent against depression. Aim to eat and sleep at regular times, and make time for walks or exercise. Mental health is important too, so make time for seeing others and consider practicing meditation or deep breathing.

Lightbulb Activity
Take care of your physical health
Anger ,
Burnout ,
Grief & loss
Taking care of your body is not only good for your heart and your brain—it also equips you to better deal with emotional challenges. Taking a daily walk or doing some type of physical activity, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep are all great steps you can take to maximize your help and minimize the risk (or lessen the negative impact) of larger health issues.

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Picture yourself at the top of your game
Burnout ,
Worry ,
Workplace issues & unemployment ,
Be like Mike. He credits tapping in to the power of his mind—visualizing himself winning—to helping him become a master of basketball. And it’s is something you can try too. What’s the equivalent to making a basket, or winning a championship trophy in your life? If you picture yourself achieving this in your mind, your brain actually does the work to create a new neural pathway. In non-science speak, this means when you visualize something vividly, and repeatedly, the brain feels like you’ve actually done the thing you’ve imagined. So when the situation arises in real life, you can be calm in the moment and worry a little less about how to do the thing because you’ve already experienced it your mind.


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    Find Support Groups | Mental Health America
    Mental Health America offers a list of online and in-person support groups for different communities, mental health conditions, and life challenges.
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    Man Therapy
    Man Therapy® was created by a multidisciplinary team of suicidologists, mental health experts, marketing strategists, and creatives to make mental health approachable by using humor to break stigma and help men take action with tools and resources.
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    A confidential and anonymous resource for persons seeking treatment for mental and substance use disorders in the United States and its territories.
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